January 05, 2014


David Williams

We didn't get -19 this morning it was mote like 15 degrees, but we are rookie cold weather folks apparently, we let the well pump freeze and had no water for awhile. Luckily Kim grew up on a ranch in Idaho and straightened us out, her being cold and miserable memory kicked. We now have water. When I was outside at the well house this morning with Misty the dog, Misty was shivering while watching me. She could have really used a nice red hat herself to keep her little doggie head warm.

Connie (Hanavan) Brennan

What a great beret and the gloves are awesome too. Happy that Marilyn is so talented and has projects to pass the time during the Artic Vortex. I really can't even imagine how cold it is outside, but you all stay warm and safe!

Marilyn C.

The beret is pretty foxie! Reminds me of a photo of Aunt Etta wearing something like this.
I'm sure that Jamie will love the gloves. Thanks for doing this for her.

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