June 26, 2009


Kathee Baird

Thanks. I did.


Marilyn Carnell

Lucky didn't complete answering your questions. I took the photos on the "Big News,,," story. Yes, you have my permission to use the photos. Please give credit.



Over 95% of the pictures on my Lucky Dog Blog are Marilyn or Al originals.

The storm picture in my “Thunder and Lightning” post of June 25, 2009 was not our original, we found it somewhere on the Internet.

Thank you again for your nice comments on my blog, it is really something for me when coming from a professional.


Kathee Baird

Hi Lucky,

Did you take the storm picture that is a couple posts above this one? It is AWESOME!!!

I was wondering if you would let me use some of the pictures on in this story for a story I am doing on Robert Joos.

I really do love your blog....it's a stop for me everyday!


Note to Kathleen Baird

Please contact me via Marilyn Carnell. Address is: marilyn at olemac.net

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